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mySerenity has been sold. We will be back in 2024 with more exciting news.

cruising Vanuatu

Malokilikili Island, Vanuatu
Oct 2023

One of our top 5 places ever visited…View More

Maewo Island, Vanuatu
Sep 2023

An island shrouded in mystery and intrigue, where ages old culture still exists...View More

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
Sep 2023

While known for its 'land diving', other treats outside travel brochures await...View More

Christmas Tree Worms
Sep 2023

Stunning colours of this amazing little creature that burrows into its host coral (or rock)...Watch More

Lamen Bay, Epi Island, Vanuatu
Sep 2023

2 cyclones had 8 months previous, devastated these outer islands. We capture the new fragile regrowth, of colour and life...Video Here

Lifou Island, New Caledonia
Sep 2023

The Loyalty Islands are governed by New Caledonia. The local chiefs oversee the local challenges of day-to-day life on these islands...Video Here

Dillans Bay, Vanuatu
Sep 2023

An out-of-the-way island, where life is slow, the people are happy and subsistence living rules...Video Here

Tanna Island (Vanuatu) - surprise...
Sep 2023

A special delivery to a Tanna school from a school in Australia. 300kg of books and stationary...View More

catamaran cruising

Malokilikili Island, Vanuatu.

vanuatu culture

Tanna Island greeting, Vanuatu.

cruising New Caledonia

New Caledonia Corals
Aug 2023

The south pacific corals, just beautiful. Sea miles ticked by through New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands...View More

Ouvea (Loyalty Islands)
Aug 2023

Also in our top 5 locations. Just beautiful...View More

Jul 2023

Stunning crystal clear waters, coral and cultures of the south east pacific. An incident requiring surgery on passage...View More

3rd Degree Burn - in the Pacific
Jun 2023

There is always that one unexpected incident that will bring you unstuck. This is my story...View Story

coral new caledonia

Overwater resort, New Caledonia.

Lihou reef, CORAL SEA, Australia

cruising Australia

Yeppoon to Brisbane
Oct 2022

The last leg in positioning mySerenity below the cyclone belt for the summer was in full swing. This time of the year, the winds are very testing. Finally...View More

Townsville - Yeppoon
Sep 2022

Trying to avoid the strong into-wind sailing, we waited for a lull in the SE winds. After five days, the yacht was finally repositioned at Keppel Bay...View More

Port Douglas to Townsville
Aug 2022

SE winds had died for a few days, so chose to make hay. Our journey had started and start southbound. The first stop was at beautiful Fitzroy Island...View More

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catamaran cruising

Another sunset, Percy Islands, Australia.

catamaran lithium

catamaran maintenance

Was definitely not expecting this. So what was behind this result? With all the effort that went into the proactive work and time...

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Part of a 3-year refit and upgrade plan. Square top main and genoa, Docril canvas covers & turret top, new Watermaker...

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Victron Smart LiFePO4 1000A, Isotherm Freezer & Bushman Fridge, 2.0KW LG Solar, Yanmar SD60's, Balmar 170 Amp Alternators...

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While we had heard about it, we could never get our hands onto a reasonably priced unit. Well it's here. It even charges iPhones and Iridium-Go's.
View More

If you want to get 10 steps ahead of other cruisers and cruise offshore sooner, this may just be for you. We show you our journey.
View More

Have all things on your side. Don't cut them out, empower them. The trick is to be mindful of not offending with a well planned strategy.
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If you are passage-making, this document is key. Don't believe me, ask those whose best friends no longer talk to them.
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Boatyard work - done. Now it's time for planning and crewing, remote location safety and security. It's all go from here, icing on the cake.
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Lithium has worked very well for us. There are a few serious considerations before venturing into LiPo technology, so choose carefully.
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If you are serious about sailing and want to remain on the same page, clear precise direction and communication is the only way.
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Some simple ways other cruisers fund their passion. The best way is to be cashed up from the start, allowing a cashflow drip-feed.
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building a catamaran

These short videos at various build stages, together with the website and the books, show how this project can be achieved.

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This website elaborates on the various video build stages. The books answer the missing links from the website with tips and suggestions.

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DIY catamaran building adventure or DIY desalinator or watermaker. What effort is required? How much money do you need? Should I buy or build?

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A Sailing Catamaran  Building Adventure

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