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adventure 3: lagoon 400 sailing was once just a dream for us too.

Lagoon 400 cruising catamaran facelift

buying & refitting

2011 Lagoon L400, 4-cabin version.

It carries a 2.1KW solar system & 1000A Lithium battery bank, 40HP Yanmars with SD60 saildrives. It has been outfitted for extended bluewater cruising with separate fridge and freezer, watermaker, and redundancy built into many key areas such as Batteries, VHF & HF communications, Multifunction displays, ultrasonic & ablative antifouls and various pump/bilge systems. 

The LAGOON series catamarans are very cleverly designed with a lot of thought put into the little extras that many other catamarans don't have. This catamaran was factory upgraded with motors and has the best single-handed helm station with all electronics, autopilot, motor control, halyards, sheets, and reefing lines to the enclosed helm position.

The internal nav station has a separate touchscreen MFD and universal wifi control to: autopilot, electric sheet winches and anchor winch system.

While the outside may look the same, it's the internals that have had some major 'plastic surgery'. 

Click Here for: 
1. VIDEO - LAGOON L400 2020 REFIT, or
2. WRITEUP - 2020 REFIT, includes more detail.

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adventure 2: cruising a homebuilt large catamaran

...we are embarking on much more cruising, so please Join Us to get all new footage of some amazing places.

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adventure 1: we couldn't afford it.


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