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A cruising journey sailing a large catamaran in the South Pacific. The adventure in our cruising catamaran began mid 2000, proving that 'where there is a will, there is always a way'.


Coral viewing in many of the world's pristine reef sanctuaries, from The Great Barrier Reef to Solomon Islands and beyond.


Experience amazing sunrises and clear unspoilt milky-ways. Free of city pollution where waters are actually postcard blue.

sailboat cruising

It's all free.

No charter boats, no schedules, no crammed beaches, just seclusion and 'doing what many only dream'.

catamaran cruising the beaten track

Tales of sailing a large catamaran in the southern Pacific. The adventure in our multihull began soon after launch proving that 'where there is a will, you can always find a way'.

A catamaran while underway has made passaging exceptionally pleasant. Comfortably tucked away from the elements and using 5 knots as our planning speed guide, anything above this speed is a plus. Some passages show an average speed of 9-10 knots, making time at anchor that more pleasant.

A sailing catamaran provides that little bit of extra comfort in remote cruising grounds, with freezer space, power and water being a huge advantage. The shallow multihull sailboat draft is a huge plus in many areas of our favourite cruising grounds of eastern Australia and Pacific Ocean.

Beaching our multihull for inspection or light maintenance is free, the yacht stays upright and as the tide comes in, it re-floats. It's that easy.

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Tracing our journeys, inspiring others to join in the lifestyle.

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More beautiful quaint hide-aways, colourful coral and inquisitive marine life.

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