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sailboat cruising channel remote anchorages, crystal clear waters, teaming with life.

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underwater photography, snorkelling, sailing, coral reefs, pelagic fishing, and much more.

be adventurous and step outside your comfort zone. for many, it's been life changing.

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jump in and take a peek.

sailing a catamaran to remote places in the Pacific, diving, snorkelling, eating, and toasting lazy sunsets.

it can't get better than that!

coral reefs:

  • coral (phylum cnidaria)
    though a coral polyp looks like a plant, it's really an animal, or rather, a colony of animals, and is classified into the Phylum Cnidaria (also called Phylum Coelenterata).
  • giant clams (tridacna)
    the largest living bivalve molluscs. There are actually several species of "giant clams" in the genus Tridacna, which are often misidentified for Tridacna gigas.
  • crustaceans & molluscs
    other critters that we come across in various shapes, sizes and colours.

offshore sailing (geek tech specs):

  • offshore sailing
    planning, then executing sailing adventures with no timeline. escaping the rat race and finding new places with family & great friends.
  • coral colour and shapes
    an amateur photographer's dream, capturing the underwater world of life, shape and colour.
  • food, quick & easy
    being self-sufficient for weeks on end, we find ways to make food interesting and nutritious.
  • our catamaran
    reconfigured for extended sailing periods offshore. single-handed configured. 600lt water capacity plus watermaker, 740lt diesel capacity, 4 double beds, 5 showers, 4 toilets. induction cooktop, combined oven/microwave.
  • dress & sail wardrobe
    fully enclosed helm. fully enclosed aft cockpit. genoa, square-top main, spinnaker and screecher.
  • power
    2-kW solar feeds a 1000-Ahr lithium bank. no fixed gas. no generator. range exceeds 10 days motoring at 5.5knots, or unlimited under sail.
  • live...right now
    want to see electrical numbers LIVE...right now? then click here
myserenity catamaran

build a catamaran?

we did...may be you can too

"it is achievable, it takes good planning, a strong desire, and never losing sight of the final goal. can be done on a budget too." James


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