Lagoon L400

Victron Smart LiFePO4 1000A, Isotherm Freezer & Bushman Fridge, 2.0KW LG Solar.

Yanmar SD60's, Balmar 170 Amp Alternators, Victron 5000-Watt Inverter/Charger and upgraded 12vDC systems

and the list goes on... need of some attention, we refit this beautiful 2011 Lagoon L400 with some quality equipment. We have removed all fixed gas installations, and the generator is now redundant too.
Lagoon solar

LG Solar Panel Upgrade

A new frame was built that allowed the LG solar array to be enlarged to 2.0kw and supply charging of the batteries to 100% normally within 2-4 hours on a sunny day.

It already had two 260-Watt solar panels, and we added a further four 350-Watt LG solar panels.

Redundancy is by way of two independent solar charging systems.

The frame and rear extension has had a twofold effect by also providing additional 2m x 4m shaded area.

One small room air conditioner has been wired to run from this battery system and can be run all night from the batteries.

Victron Batteries

Victron Lithium Batteries

1000-Ahr Victron Smart Lithium LiFePO4 battery bank, fully automated & monitored remotely from anywhere in the world. This provides 2-days of controlled use with no charge before reaching 25% battery-bank critical point (a point we chose as 'critical').

Battery redundancy is by way of easily accessing & isolating the problem battery from the bank while keeping the other batteries in service.

Further redundancy (our last line-of-defense), is a single 125-Ahr independently charged AGM battery which is maintained for Starting (both engines) and Essential Bus.

While highly unlikely, a total loss of the 1000-Ahr Lithium Bank is alarmed, and auto-transfer occurs to the Essential Bus (Starting, Bilge Pumps, Autopilot, MFD's and internet Modem/Router power).

Balmar Alternator

Balmar Alternator Upgrade

The Yanmar 40-hp motors are now capable of charging at a much higher rate with two new Balmar 170-amp alternators. We can use one, either or both as required.

This has allowed us to remove the Generator from the yacht.

Should lithium batteries need additional charging, the alternators provide bulk charge which the Victron Smart Lithium Bank accepts at a huge charge-rate.

This is independent of the AGM Emergency battery charger, which gets its charging power from the Victron 5000W Inverter/Charger.

The Hot Water system is heated from the starboard engine, or 240vAC from the Lithium Batteries. The 1200-Watt element takes roughly 30-minutes to heat.


Engine Room Painting

After removing all traces of oil and diesel, and giving them a good scrub, the engine rooms were painted with bilge-friendly paint. Old fastenings removed, and many electrical and control cables refastened.

The room bulkheads adjacent to the engine rooms were resealed, providing a water-tight engine compartment.

Electrical cable clips/ends were all checked and shrink-wrapped where needed.

Lagoon Bilge

Bilges overhauled

The internal bilges received a facelift. The plumbing leaks were all repaired, and 60 or so new hose clamps fitted on all items 'below the waterline'. Three 'gulpers' and watermaker components were given a spruce-up or replaced.

Electrical cable clips/ends were all checked and shrink-wrapped where needed.

Highfield Dingy

Tender and outboard

There is now a new four-stroke 9.8 Tohatsu which ably pushes two adults onto the plane in the Highfield 2.9 inflatable.

The Highfield dingy carries an aluminium bottom and built-in fuel locker with their 'dry floor system'.

We have chosen a more 'chunkier, retractable dolly-wheel system', which to date has proved very successful.

Saloon Facelift


Cushion headrests were added and new covers designed to cover the whole seating area, including the spot near the port stairs (for those familiar with the Lagoon L400 seating).


Mary-Ann spent many hours re-sewing new curtains which have turned out a treat. Those pleats would drive anyone insane.

Lagoon galley

Galley Upgrade

We removed all fixed gas installation and installed an Omega Electric Induction Cooktop, Westinghouse Electric Convection/Microwave Oven.

We replaced the two Sinks, installed a new 130Lt Bushman Fridge, and a 100Lt Isotherm Freezer.

For those familiar with Lagoon L400 galleys will notice that the older-style corner cabinet has been rebuilt. As we have two fridges, galley storage is very limited. This new cupboard space provides a huge slide-out cutlery/storage draw and a large storage cupboard above the drainboard.

All saloon doors have been remade and finished with true no-nonsense teak edges, stopping the edge separation issues that used to exist.

Victron Lithium

Electrical Upgrade

The whole AC and DC distribution has been rebuilt. A single 125AHr Lifeline AGM starter/essential bus battery backed up by the 1000-Ahr array 5 x 200Ahr Victron Lithium Smart Batteries.

A 5000-Watt inverter/charger drives all AC power on the yacht, even with shore power connected.

A new Electrical Distribution Panel replaces the 'old panel' in the port aft room, feeding the existing Distribution panel in the saloon. The starboard distribution panel has been removed. The whole system is then wifi/RJ45 linked to a single Victron Colour Control at the Saloon Nav Station.

Here it is connected to our onboard 4G D-Link Router permitting remote internet access, diagnostics, and system control.

Victron Colour Control

Nav Station Redesign

Victron Colour Control provides precise visual power-state of the whole electrical system that is super easy to understand.

The Multi-Controller allows Inverter/Charger status and control of AC power input, a must when mixing Lithium and AGM batteries, to 32A-240vAC, or 15A-240vAC, or 10A-240vAC power inputs.

The Battery Monitor permits instant state-of-charge and alarm settings, sending text messages when warnings have been activated.

Yanmar SD60 Saildrives & Controls


Gone are the SD50 sail drives. Given that one unit needed a complete rebuild, we chose to bite-the-bullet and upgrade to Yanmar SD60's. This was done at the same time as the Balmar Alternator upgrade. 


After losing an engine on our first motor to the marina due to worn throttle circlip damage, we decided to install a new throttle quadrant.

During the 'purchase sea-trial,' we noticed a very stiff starboard throttle. On inspection, the engine cable end was badly corroded and had a very tight kink in the cable.

We bit the bullet and replaced both cables.

6-weeks in 6-minutes 

Catamaran haulout

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