Lagoon L400

Raymarine Multifunction Display, Raymarine Doppler Radar, Raymarine Anemometer.

Gori Propellers, Antifoul, new skin fittings, Cockpit Cushions recovered. Mast stepped and a new yacht Survey

just to top it off...

'The vessel has been set up with long blue-water voyages in mind and has extensive safety equipment on board as well as planned maintenance schedules and procedures

(Excerpt from third-party Survey - Feb 2023)

Lagoon solar

Raymarine Electronics replacement

The yacht came with a mix of B&G and Raymarine equipment. This all fed into 4 B&G backbones. The electronic mismatch had its challenges, normally miles away from help.

The new system is now all Raymarine. 

A huge thank you to Industrial and Marine Electronics for their no-nonsense approach, Raymarine knowledge, product support and workmanship pride.

Victron Batteries

Mast Inspection, new Doppler Radar

In an effort to improve the mast and rigging life, we sought professional advice with a rig inspection. The last time the rig was professionally removed was in 2018.

All turnbuckles really needed replacement.

Our gratitude to Rope Solutions for their uncanny way of finding affordable, yet reliable solutions.

Gori Propeller

Gori propellers

We previously had Kiwi feathering propellers and have chosen to upgrade to Gori Propellers. The Gori propellers fold as opposed to feathering.

While feathering blades worked well on the older Kiwi props by reducing drag, we had stray rope entanglement on two occasions while sailing the Coral Sea.

Marine Mechanical Solutions installed our props, a company we have used before with the installation of our sail drives.

Cockpit Cushion-lift


This area is our most used section of the yacht. The cushions here are stood on, sat on and walked on, so get their fair share of use. The covering had to be of an industrial type, suitable for rugged use, similar to the material used by Lagoon.

Advance Marine Upholstery did the original saloon cushions that we are very happy with, so asked them to recover the cockpit. The result speaks for itself. We spent a little extra on a commercial-grade product to get better life from the covering.


Marine Survey

In our effort for Blue Water Insurance coverage, our Insurers requested a professional Survey.

This too, allowed us to assess what else (if anything) may need to be looked at before heading overseas.

Tim from Peak Marine conducted our out-of-water survey, a company I would definitely use again. Together with our Downunder Rally Membership discount, Peak Marine was very competitively priced.

Lagoon Bilge

Skin fittings

While the 3 of the 12 skin fittings had been changed three years ago, it was the turn of a few more to be looked at.

The Surveyor also advised that the skin fittings we had professionally changed, were also of a type approved and preferred by most Insurers. 

PPG antifoul


We had had particular success with PPG ABC 3 ANTI-FOUL. Together with our electronic antifoul, we have had no barnacles for 3 years.

Is it the electronic antifoul or the PPG ABC 3 antifoul, or a combination of both? Who knows, but something works for us in the area we sail.

CAS (Complete Antifoul Solutions) were very careful with pollution control and painting, a credit to them.

Survey - Comments & Recommendations:

'This vessel has been maintained to a very high standard by the current owner. Lagoon recall works including tunnel hatch securing's and bulkhead strengthening have been completed to a professional standard.

(Excerpt from third-party Survey - Feb 2023)

Lagoon solar

Mast Compression Post

The compression post/step sits below the mast inside the saloon. By chance, we chose to take a closer in this roof cavity and found a myriad of cracks in the step. 

Thank you to Choice Stainless and  Rope Solutions for working together on this challenge.

Victron Batteries

Rudder Arms & Bearings

We had the lower bearings of the rudder pole reset two years ago to only find that the light knocking had returned a year later. We have since located two upper bearings (hidden by the rudder arms shown above).

After removing the rudder arms for repainting, the knocking point became obvious.


rudder limiter

Rudder Arm Limiter

This bracket limits steering 'rudder arms' to 45 degrees on either side of centre.

Being proactive paid dividends. This bracket needed some paint, so chose to remove the bracket, clean and simply re-bolt it.

However, a surprise awaited.

6-minutes of 3-weeks work

Catamaran haulout

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