south pacific shells

nautilus shells, cone shells, pearly shells, sustainable collection of used shells

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We continue to build this page as we adventure off the beaten track. Please come back to see the shell updates. In the meantime we have displayed sustainable and reputable collectors.


Australian Seashells was founded when Simone Pfuetzner arrived in Australia in 1995. Simone is a fellow diver and goldsmith, mainly focusing on the art, craft & design aspects of seashells. Together, Hugh & Simone run what is now Australia's largest licensed seashell dealership, besides also being professionally involved with scuba diving. They increasingly spend time now on finding and describing new marine and terrestrial shell species.

"Salt water and seashells heal everything" — Unknown


Shell Paradise is a small family business based in Mackay, Queensland and because of our love for shells our business has grown.
We care and worry about the environment and that is why our shells are ethically sourced from licensed suppliers who are monitored and abide to catch quotas as per their licenses. Many shells are also a by product of marine food or aquaculture industries. We do not deal in endangered or threatened shell species.


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