Lagoon L400

Raymarine Multifunction Display, Raymarine Doppler Radar, Raymarine Anemometer.

Gori Propellers, Antifoul, new skin fittings, Cockpit Cushions recovered. Mast stepped and a new yacht Survey

just to top it off...

...part 3 of the 3-year plan of proactive maintenance and upgrades. The big-ticket items are now locked away.
Lagoon solar

Raymarine Electronics replacement

The yacht came with a mix of B&G and Raymarine equipment. This all fed into 4 B&G backbones and one Raymarine. 

The new system is all Raymarine, which feeds into 4 Raymarine backbones. You may ask, why so many?

We have three Raymarine Multifunction displays (MFD's), one in the Saloon (Master) and two at the helm. They all talk to each other and are wired to provide multiple redundancy options. 

The Doppler radar is hard-wired to the 3 MFDs, with wifi option for an iPad/iPhone. Consideration was made for a second autopilot, however, we have chosen to make the autopilot components easily interchangeable and carry spare autopilot components, as opposed to a hard-wired second unit.

A huge thank you to Industrial and Marine Electronics for their no-nonsense approach, Raymarine knowledge, product support and workmanship pride.

Victron Batteries

Mast Inspection

In an effort to improve the mast and rigging life, we sought professional advice with a rig inspection. The last time the rig was professionally removed was in 2018.

All turnbuckles really needed some TLC and were replaced. We chose to remove the mast so that the rigger could work their magic in replacing a myriad of other rigging components.

Also tackled were the odd spots of dissimilar metal corrosion, having not been correctly done in the first place.

Equipment replacement included new radar, wind anemometer, turnbuckles and associated equipment, internal cabling, mast tri light, spreader lights and repositioning of the HF aerial.

Our gratitude to Rope Solutions for their uncanny way of finding affordable, yet reliable solutions.

Gori Propeller

Gori propellers

We had feathering propellers and have chosen to upgrade to Gori Propellers, they fold as opposed to feathering.

Marine Mechanical Solutions installed our props, a company we have used before with the install of our sail drives.

While feathering worked well in our favour on the older props, we were keen to take advantage of the new features of the Gori Propeller system, in particular, the fuel savings with their patented Overdrive System.

The Overdrive System provides the same speed at lower RPMs resulting in less engine noise, less vibration, and better fuel economy.


Marine Survey

How did this survey fair compare to our pre-purchase survey? Here are some stats:

Lagoon Bilge

Skin fittings

While the 3 of the 12 skin fittings had been changed three years ago, it was the turn of a few more to be looked at.

Signature Yacht Services were tasked with assessing these and a decision was made to replace four more valves.

Highfield Dingy


We had had particular success with ABC 3 ANTI-FOUL. Together with our electronic antifoul, we have had no barnacles for 3 years.

Is it the electronic antifoul or the ABC 3 antifoul, or a combination of both? Who knows, but something works.

Affordable Antifoul Solutions were very careful with pollution control and painting, a credit to them.

Cockpit Cushion-lift


They were recovered in year one of the overhaul. Check our earlier writeup on this project.


The inserts were standing up to the punishment of the last 11 years of continual use, however, the covers of the inserts needed our TLC.

...the last piece of the three-year plan of proactive maintenance and upgrades. The big-ticket items are now locked away.

3-weeks in 3-minutes 

Catamaran haulout

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