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It is exciting, it is satisfying and most certainly do-able.

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ANY amateur boat-builder considering 'sailing the building course', these 'Books' and 'APP's' will appeal,

"We have been there and done that..." all we sell are strings attached,

"Be armed with documented first-hand information",

"Armchair rent-a-yacht critics abound", most of whom don't even own a yacht, yet tried to build one.

We document how we managed to achieve this huge goal and 'live to tell the tale'. It is most certainly achievable and all revolves around your :

  • Commitment,

  • Time, and

  • Budget.

Take the first step and see how this can be done on a budget. The links above take you to various pages of each Book. The 'ADVENTURE' Book contains all our information (as of October 2010) and is the most popular purchase. It is heavily discounted when purchased through our links here.

It costs nothing to look, and there are more pages to look at if you are still not convinced.

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