Catamaran sailing and DIY ownership

Sails, 'the head', navigation to DIY watermakers even nutrition in the galley

Be inspired and join our journey sailing a large catamaran off the east coast of Australia. The adventure in our multihull began soon after launch and we now have a strong following, proving that 'where there is a will, you can find a way'.

The advantages of a catamaran sailboat are plenty. The spacious interiors of the hulls are very deceptive to the person just looking from the outside. The tapering hull headroom (to seven feet in the aft vanity area), is deceptively high, with some hull widths exceeding five feet. The saloons too are very spacious often tapering to the exterior yacht style. Many cockpit areas are fully covered with solid form turret tops, providing a hugely stable area aft seating/party area.

For us, the non-constant lean of a catamaran while underway has made passaging very pleasant, while being comfortably tucked away from the elements. In the planning stages, we use 5.5 knots as our guide and when underway, anything above is a plus. Some passages (documented in our sailing section) will show an average speed of 9-10knots, all this from a cruising catamaran.

Added to this is our sailboat draft of 650-700mm, a huge plus in many areas of our favourite cruising grounds of Moreton Bay and Great Sandy Straights, west of Fraser Island. We have no issues beaching our multihull for inspection or light maintenance, best of all - its free, the yacht stays upright and as the tide comes in, it re-floats. It's that easy.

With MORE than 1/4 million views of our catamaran building and DIY sailing and cruising movies, we suspect someone must be enjoying the experience. A HUGE THANK YOU for your support.

Our 11.6 meter sailing catamaran was built using plywood and fiberglass. After four and 1/2 years, the building of Pure Majek was completed and launched in December 2008 and has many nautical journeys under its belt. While purpose built for short cruising adventures, it has done a few two-month journeys exploring the east coast of Australia.

The coral viewing in one of the worlds greatest reefs, The Great Barrier Reef, has been superb and we have experienced some amazing sunsets and regularly stared at millions of stars that light up the night sky, the lack of pollution and clean air is very noticeable. The best thing is that its all free. No charter boats, no schedules, no crammed beaches, just seclusion and doing what many only dream. We have often stayed an extra day here and there, or moved on when conditions were not suitable, something paying customers can't do. While briefed here, our cruising adventures are about to be put into print with these experiences and journeys.

Pure Majek was built to be sailed single-handed and that is worth its weight in gold. The two Yamaha 9.9hp outboard motors have been very reliable, often motoring on one outboard, moving our catamaran at 5kts while using 2.7lts of fuel an hour. When compared to other Multihulls this size and weight, its soon obvious how economical motoring really is. Having said all this, it is a Sailing Catamaran and its this cruising lifestyle we really enjoy.

The yacht has definitely proven its worth and remains reasonably easy to maintain. There are chores that come with any hobby and with pro-active planning, can be managed in a fairly cheap way, including DIY antifouling. Pro-active, being the operative words. We only recently slipped the yacht to get our motors serviced professionally, having the impellers and thermostats replaced for the first time. We have meticulously maintained regular servicing (and service records) which impressed the Yamaha Mechanic. Considering the outboard motors have never been flushed, the comment made was 'unbelievable, you should get another four years...easy'.

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